How can we work with 'home-accountant'

We enter the monthly amount at the related fields of column "AMOUNT", only for our incomes and expenses. Then we select for how many "MONTHS PER YEAR" we get or pay these amounts.
We can either maintain preselected months, or make our own selection.

If supplied categories are not enough, we can add lines at each (income or expense) category by pushing the corresponding buttons.

After filling all the necessary fields at each category, we can delete all redundant (zero) lines by pushing the corresponding buttons.

If we need to calculate, we can use the provided calculator.

Having complete all of our income and expenses, we push the "result" button to get the difference between them and see the surplus or deficit of our home budget. According to this result, right below, 'home-accountant' will give us a comment.

We push the "reset" button to start a new 'home-accountant' project.

'home-accountant' works faster in google chrome and mozilla firefox.

Be aware of - common mistakes

All calculations and results given by 'home-accountant', are determined by the values that we enter. For this reason we should be very careful with income and expenses data entering, to avoid getting any potential erring result and furthermore a wrong idea regarding our home budget.

A common mistake we should avoid is double-counting. For example if we pay our cell phone bill with a credit card, we should count this expense only in one of the two categories.
Furthermore, some of our regular expenses (ex. food) in some cases, are also being calculated by other expense categories(ex. vacations - when we are on vacations we eat). So, instead of counting a monthly food expense for 12 months, it might be more correct to count it for only 11 months.

We should also be very careful with the non regular expenses that are being paid only a few times a year. For example, if we pay our car insurance twice a year, we can either enter the semi-annual "AMOUNT" and select 2 "MONTHS PER YEAR", or equally enter the annual "AMOUNT" and select 1 "MONTH PER YEAR".

If we have daily expenses, we should use the provided calculator to get the monthly value. For example if we buy everyday a coffee at work (and we go at work 20 days/ month), we should multiply the coffee value with 20 to get the monthly expense.