Welcome to your e-shop!

Welcome to your CMS (Content Management System) e-shop. CMS means that you can manage (add, remove, update) the content of your products and product categories (and sub-categories) in a user friendly environment, without any further knowledge of coding and programming. At the left side you can check some categories and subcategories we have made for the needs of this sample. Click on it to check the products presentation.

The top bar is the menu bar. We can add as many menu buttons as you like, according to your needs and content.

You can put your own customized buttons, banners, stickers, signs, logos, labels and generally your own customized layout.. or we can do it for you.

We can also add links to connect your e-shop to your social networks and other web pages.

This is a typical structure but we can customize it according to your needs and desires.


This is the home (menu 1) page. This is the first page that your potential customer sees when visiting your site. Here you can put text, photos, videos, products, special offers or whatever you like to welcome your visitors and make a good first impression.

The presentation, structure, colors, size and the extension of each page is up to you. You also choose which content will be visible at what page.